Coconut & Beeswax

We blend 100% organic coconut wax with beeswax, to produce the highest quality candles. Our candles wax is all natural and non-toxic, and we only use cotton, lead free wicks. Our wax comes from sustainable sources, and we use only the highest quality fragrance. 

Coconut wax burns at a lower temperature compared to other waxes, this is why you will sometimes see a small liquid layer on the top of your candle if you burn it for longer than an hour. Don't worry this is perfectly normal for coconut wax, just make sure you trim your wick before each light. If the wick is too long it may mushroom, or burn through the wax quicker.

We always recommend keeping your candle our of direct sunlight, and at room temperature. If the candle gets too hot, the top layer may produce liquid spots, if this happens don't worry the candle is still fine to burn, just move it to a cooler spot and dap off any excess drops before lighting it.